Caruso's On King Bed & Breakfast and Serenity Spa

Prince Edward County, Ontario


Hot Stone Massage
60 minutes - $75
90 minutes – $95

Choose from a 1 hour treatment or the 90 minute original LaStone Therapy massage that incorporates energy healing and all of the Chakras. A truly unique experience!

Aromatherapy Massage
60 minutes - $65
Specific Area
(neck, back, shoulder)
30 minutes - $45

Indian Head Massage (Champissage)
If you need a shorter, but effective treatment that will leave your neck and shoulders feeling less tense, then this is the treatment for you!
30 minutes - $45
45 minutes with oils - $55

Reflexology Treatments
Includes foot bath & foot massage plus consultation
45 minutes – $55
60 minutes - $65 (includes hand, neck/shoulder massage)

Serenity Spa Special
Incorporates all of the modalities - Head & face massage with hot/cold stones, followed by hand massage and ending with a full reflexology treatment and a hot stone massage on the feet and lower legs.
75 minutes - $80

Rejuvenating Face/Neck/Shoulder Massage
A deeply relaxing one hour treatment that draws on many different healing systems - Ayurvedic massage, Indian Head massage, lymphatic drainage, acupressure and reflexology. Look younger and more relaxed.
60 minutes - $60

The Original Hot Stone Massage!

LaStone Therapy is the application of thermotherapy, a technique using deep penetrating heated riverbed stones and alternating with cooled stones in a massage treatment. The smooth hot stones relax tired and tight muscles while the soothing chilled stones relieve congestion and inflammation. A deep massage without the pain!

Aromatherapy Massage is the ancient art and science of using highly concentrated oils from plants and flowers to benefit body, mind, and spirit. A very relaxing full body massage.

Reflexology, as a natural healing therapy, improves circulation, relaxes tension, and promotes the natural functioning of the body. A special treat just for the feet.

Indian Head Massage is done in a seated position and focuses on the face, neck, upper arms and shoulder. These are important energy centres in the body where tension accumulates. The Ayurvedic treatment creates a deep sense of peace and calm and can be done with or without an essential oil blend. The therapy of the future!

Serenity Spa Special - For those who want to experience a little of everything. Treatment is done on the massage table and includes massage and reflexology techniques with the soothing touch of hot and cold stones.

Rejuvenating Face/Neck/Shoulder MassageNo oils or creams are used. The treatment begins with relaxing stretches to the leg and arms. This is followed by a series of techniques on the shoulders, neck, head, and face intended to release tensions and increase the flow of blood and oxygen to the facial area. By bringing healing touch to the face and head, skin tone is improved, pores are refined, and facial lines softened. We help our clients feel refreshed and well rested.

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